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Tornado Shelter Lid Kit

in-ground tornado shelter

For use when building a new in-ground indoor shelter of any size over 4’X8’. This is the same lid/door found on all our in-ground tornado shelters.

The FamilySAFE Lid Kit is our patented storm shelter cover/lid that will fit over your newly poured or existing concrete storm shelter hole. Our Lid Kit is fully reinforced and slides back into itself, much like a car’s sunroof, making it truly space economical and an ideal fit for installation in a garage or any new construction covered area.

Revolutionary Design
The patented design ensures that the door cannot be sucked open or easily trapped closed by debris piling up on a door or lid during a storm. Because it is made from reinforced ¼” plate steel and not some wimpy small gauge metal, The Lid Kit can withstand over 20,000lbs, which means you can drive and park directly on it. The 6 large 3” fiberglass impregnated nylon rollers with sealed stainless steel bearings on the door always insures a nice smooth operation into the lid. The lid and ladder are not simply painted, but have a thick truck bed liner plastic epoxy so it will not easily scratch, flake, or rust over time.  The whole shelter lid will only stick up a mere ¼” above the finished concrete and is bolted through or into the top of the concrete shelter.  It may be covered with a carpet inside the home, or mats in the garage if you wish for it to be hidden.

Size & Installation

The above pictures represent a family that had an old patio removed and a new 8’X8’X6’ tall shelter installed with the FamilySAFE lid kit, and a sunroom built around it.

The Lid Kit covers a 3’6” X 7’6” opening. Installation is as simple as bolting the lid down over your concrete shelter. The Lid Kit offers you the flexibility to build an in-ground concrete shelter to your own specifications, as large or as small as you would like, in the location you would like. It is a very cost-effective option for finishing out an in-ground tornado shelter in both new and existing construction projects alike.

Cost & Delivery
The Lid Kit can be delivered by pallet to your home or business, anywhere in the contiguous United States for only $2,700 + shipping.  It includes the lid with the door already in it, the ladder, and 2 six foot benches with legs welded on them.

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